Too often we have underestimated the power of touch and its potential to heal when words become cumbersome. Touch is our first language. It is where we begin our journey to communicate. The on-going COVID-19 pandemic has created worlds of isolation for all of us and particularly challenging for caregivers and persons living with dementia. The lack of physical interaction has reminded us of the importance to stay in touch.

More than ever before, we need to re-activate the sense of touch in our lives and daily living. A single touch can help reduce anxiety and make us feel secure, psychologically safe and less alone. It can even reduce pain and the feeling of social exclusion.

It is simple. It is real. It is free. Have you hugged or touched your loved ones lately?

The three-week long festival will run from 23 September to 16 October 2022. Given the current pandemic, the festival programme will be held, both online and live, to reach the wider community, amid safety measures in Singapore.

Festival Highlights

The Language of Touch

The ‘Language of Touch’ is a public engagement programme, it explores the human psyche about connecting with a stranger (performed by a Glowers performer). How does one cross the boundaries of privacy, intimacy and fear about Touching a stranger’s hand? This is done in partnership with The Glowers, an elderly theatre performing group, founded by renown local actor Catherine Sng.

Enabling Festival 2022 - highlights

Art Therapy workshop for Addressing Dementia

This workshop aims at raising awareness and imparting knowledge of preventing dementia. Participants will be introduced to art therapy as a form of wellbeing support, and learn about how different aspects & processes of artmaking help to prevent dementia. Participants will also be guided to appreciate artworks from the Care Collection of the National Gallery.

This workshop is a collaboration with The Red Pencil (Singapore)

The Science, Art & Meaning of Touch

To explore, experiment and embody the various nuances and meanings of touch, come join our award-winning artist and registered somatic movement therapist, Vincent Yong, on a journey bridge individual experiences together so that we can share our deepest meanings especially when we are lost for words.

Join us for this 90 minutes workshop conducted by somatic movement artist Vincent Yong.

Fidget blanket workshops

Fidget blankets can be of great assistance to person living with dementia, offering tactile stimulation that helps to maintain fine motor skills.

They can also help to alleviate anxiety and boredom and—depending on the design—even reinforce memory.

Caregivers and members of the public are encouraged to participate in this demonstration to create these wonderful blankets for their loved ones.

This blanket provides sensorial experiences and activities for elderly people living with dementia.

This hands-on workshop done in collaboration with Anjali Design.

Join us on-site and learn how you can create a fidget blanket for your love ones.

Enabling Festival 2022 - highlights

The Last Touch

An intimate and honest chit chat on a topic that is taboo and almost morbid to many. How do we come to terms and understand the beautiful journey we have had with our loved ones when they passed. When is the last touch of this final journey?


This exhibition “Undead” is in collaboration with The Enabling Festival 2022. This annual event is currently in its 5th year and is presented by Enable Asia to raise awareness for dementia. Both events are curated to inspire to encapsulate the true meaning of “Touch is Memory”.

In line with simpleArte’s vision to combine traditional and digital art, these two unique signed artworks by enigmatic Boy George and Singapore’s favourite actor Zoe Tay, are also available as NFTs and will be displayed at the exhibition.

The exhibition will be held at the simpleArte gallery from 19 September 2022 to 30 October 2022.

NFT for Zoe Tay

Enabling Festival 2022 - NFT FOR ZOE TAY
An elegant and intricate portrait of Zoe Tay, queen of MediaCorp, is now minted as an NFT. This artwork by Danny Raven Tan has been signed by Zoe Tay herself during Enable Asia Festival 2019 to show support in raising funds for people with dementia and raising awareness about dementia.

NFT for Boy George

Enabling Festival 2022 - NFT FOR BOY GEORGE

Danny Raven Tan’s Boy George painting that has been signed by the man himself is now available as an NFT. Boy George was a source of inspiration to the artist for showing off a genderless look and concept that was not usual in the 1980s. This artwork is a tribute to Boy George and his artistry.

Touching Stories

It is a screening of specially curated shorts films revolving around dementia, caregiving, hope and resilience. The film screening seeks to celebrate the journey of caregiving.

Please sit back with your popcorn and enjoy the show!